Al Maniero di "Montebello" - Medieval Reenactment
2006 - 46 mins

A film by: Alberto Engeli

The medieval reenactment focus on a smaller time period, restricting their interest to the 12th Century and the Emperor Barbarossa

The fortified ensemble of Bellinzona Switzerland is an outstanding example of a late medieval defensive structure guarding a key strategic Alpine Pass

As the importance of the Alpine passes had grown considerably, the Emperor Barbarossa, was able to take control over the fortifications that overlooked the Southern sides of the Alps.

Bellinzona, which had a strategic importance to him because of the road to Lukmanier pass, was made part of his empire under the allied municipality of Como.

In 1176 Barbarossa had already passed through Bellinzona as he was going toward the Blenio Valley to meet the German auxiliary troops coming from Lukmanier Pass to sustain his campaign against Milan.