Get Together for Christmas 2017
2017 - 48 mins (HD)

By Alberto Engeli and Mattia Bertoldi
Camera, Editing, Color Grading: Alberto Engeli
Writer: Mattia Bertoldi

As in the last two years, and thanks to the coordination of Massimiliano Herber, producer of the daily show "Il Quotidiano", during the Christmas Holiday 2017 the Swiss-Italian Radiotelevision (RSI) has dedicated some episodes to the story of the Ticinesi, i.e. Swiss Italian, emigrants who have found a home (and maybe made a fortune) in the United States of America.

Unlike previous editions - when Alberto Engeli and Mattia Bertoldi went in search of the descendants of the Ticinesi interviewed half a century ago - this year they reproduced the original format of the "Riuniti per Natale - Get Together for Christmas" , broadcasted in the 1960s and 1970s by the then TSI . In short, they will tell you about the lives of those who left the Swiss Italian speaking region in the last twenty years, to settle in the four corners of the North American country.

From New York, where we met Gabriele Donati and his family, to San Francisco, with brothers Andres and Rafael Faustinelli-Savino, passing through Chicago, with Andrea Negrini's family, Washington, DC with Flavia Rigamonti, Dallas-Texas, with the young Alex Grossi and his family, and some southern States such as Arizona, where we were guests of Cinzia and Fausto Amiconi, and Alabama by the brothers Carlo and Andrea Rezzonico with his wife Julia: stories of seven young and not so young families who remain united with their Country, despite the thousands of miles away, thanks to video calls, chat and e-mail.

For those interested to watch the Italian version of the 3 episodes aired on Swiss TV on December 22, 25 and 26 - 2017, here the links.

Per chi fosse interessato alla versione italiana dei 3 episodi trasmessi dalla Tv Svizzera RSI il 22, il 25 e il 26 dicembre 2017, eccovi i links.

episodio 1 - Gabriele Donati - Andrea Negrini

episodio 2 - Carlo e Andrea Rezzonico - Flavia Rigamonti

episodio 3 - Alex Grossi - Cinzia e Fausto Amiconi - Andres e Rafael Faustinelli-Savino