The Glance of The Soul- American segment
2011 - 26 mins

Director: Andrea Canetta
DP/camera and sound: Alberto Engeli

produced by: RSI-Swiss TV
Barbara, Cesare and Claudio have seen and heard them outside the body during traumatic events: due to cerebral malaria, from the bite of a rattlesnake, to be crushed by a ceiling that has collapsed.
They remember having lived elsewhere for a period of time not measurable. What they saw and heard exactly? One thing is certain: they had a so-called near-death experience.
Three witnesses like thousands of others that director Andrea Canetta collected between Switzerland, Mozambique and the United States and shows us in his documentary "The Glance of The Soul".
Their stories are interwoven with writings, experiences and visions of famous people of our culture: the philosopher Plato, visionary artist Hieronymus Bosch, by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung to Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross, also her psychiatrist of Swiss origin who stands next to the dying is convinced that the existence of a life of the soul leaves the body and extends beyond the biological level.
This belief leads her to spend time with Robert Monroe, radio entrepreneur who had spontaneous out-of-body experience without having lived any traumatic event specifically.
The Monroe Institute in Faber, VA as he explains Andrea Canetta in "The Glance of The Soul" continues to teach the method used by its founder to be able to project his soul out-of-body state on a voluntary basis.

The video on this page is the American segment of the documentary, in which I was the DP, if you're interested in seeing all the documentary (62 minutes) click here, and here you can see the Italian version.