Welcome to Detroit
2010 - 96 mins (HD)

Wrote and Directed by: Andrea Salvadore
DP/Camera, Editing and Color Grading by: Alberto Engeli
Produced by RAI-Cinema, Italy and GVG, New York

Sergio Marchionne moved to Toronto at 13 from Abruzzo, Italy.
45 years later he’s in Detroit as CEO of Fiat-Chrysler.

Will he be the one to save Detroit?

Welcome to Detroit opens and closes with Jeffrey Eugenides, Pulitzer-winning author and native Detroiter.
He’s one of the architects of this symphony to the city symbolic of the automotive industry crisis.

The chorus is animated with factory workers, unionist, and scholars telling of the Italian adventure in Detroit, and closures of the only unionized Toyota factory in the US.

The little Fiat 500 will soon arrive in America from Mexico. Many new electric cars will follow.

Signs of a new industrial revolution and Detroit rescue attempts.
This while Marchionne, the unconventional CEO, cites Nietzsche and Springsteen.

If you are interested to see the Italian version aired by RAI/Italian TV, click here.