Get Together for Christmas 2018
2018 - 45 mins (HD)

By Alberto Engeli and Mattia Bertoldi
Camera, Editing, Color Grading: Alberto Engeli
Writer: Mattia Bertoldi

As in the last three years, and thanks to the coordination of Massimiliano Herber, producer of the daily show "Il Quotidiano", during the Christmas Holiday 2018 the Swiss-Italian Radiotelevision (RSI) has dedicated some episodes to the story of the Ticinesi, i.e. Swiss Italian, emigrants who have found a home (and maybe made a fortune) in the Australia.

45 years have passed since the special "Get Together for Christmas" filmed in Australia and, going along with the Christmas tradition, Alberto Engeli and Mattia Bertoldi have been on the paths of the Ticininese emigrants interviewed at the antipodes; by the trio composed of Dario Bertoni, Sergio Locatelli and Enzo Regusci. In addition, they have followed the stories of four people who have found a new homeland in Australia during the last 20 years. Between Melbourne, Sydney, Coffs Harbor and Brisbane, the interviewees tell us how it is possible to maintain a connection with their homeland, despite living at the antipodes and with a 10-hour time zone difference.

Follow Alberto and Mattia along the east coast of Australia, on the path of the emigrants of Italian Switzerland between past and future. "Il Quotidiano" Swiss-Italian Radiotelevision (RSI) on December 21st, 24th and 25th 2018 has broadcast three new episodes dedicated to the Braendli (Ascona), Borg-Laffranchi family (Mappo), Polari (Breganzona), Bizzozero (Cadempino), Pirola (Bellinzona), Iacono family (Gordola) and Binggeli (Airolo / Camignolo). It's not important how far the distance is, even on the other side of the world, the spirit of Christmas (Ticinese) fills many hearts!

For those interested to watch the Italian version of the 3 episodes aired on Swiss TV on December 21, 24 and 25 - 2018, here the links.

Per chi fosse interessato alla versione italiana dei 3 episodi trasmessi dalla Tv Svizzera RSI il 21, il 24 e il 25 dicembre 2018, eccovi i links.

episodio 1 - Braendli - Borg-Laffranchi

episodio 2 - Polari - Bizzozzero

episodio 3 - Pirola - Iacono - Binggeli